Bob Morgan started composing for the theatre at the age of sixteen, and has continued to write music to dramatic forms from Shakespeare to the avant-garde.

After studying both classical music and jazz at Leeds College of Music, specializing in composition, clarinet and saxophone, theatre work became interspersed with multi-media performances and more popular styles.


As musical director for the Liverpool Playhouse scored the first Professional British production of the Brecht musical 'The Last Days of the Commune'.

Creator of an influential genre of children's music for the BBC's Popular television series 'Take Hart' and held the coveted ‘Gallery’ spot for several years. The economy of style necessary in creating this large body of work for children produced music of charm, innocence and surprise.

Contributor of several albums to the KPM music library, and a writer for and leader of various groups, in styles as diverse as performance art with his trio ‘Leeds’ and reggae band ‘Steppin Out’and the blues with Giles Hedley.


Formed ‘The Angel of The Odd’, an improvising orchestra of up to twenty instrumentalists with ‘The Odd Opera Chorus’, to accompany silent films with renowned improvisers. An acclaimed performance to the 1922 vampire movie ‘Nosferatu’ featured Maggie Nichols as narrator Professor Van Hellsing, addressing the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington.

To further the boundaries of the of the performance aspect of music and reduce the distinction between an idea and its execution , Bob continues to work with these soloists and other radical performers contributing to projects like Ken Campbell’s 24 hour marathon play ‘The Warp’.


Plays in the New York based band ‘The Repeatos’ whose music is an anarchic mix of anything and everything. From English folk tunes through world and dance rhythms to abstract noise constructions, The Repeatos are one minute soothing the heart and the next re-arranging the brain. A highlight was performing Sun Ra’s old gig - the Halloween parade down Sixth Avenue.

Toured with singer-songwriter and traveler Rory McLeod, appearing on most of his recordings

Whilst currently working in his Soho studio on films of the artist Peter Howson’s paintings and a long awaited opera, Bob can often be heard jamming at informal venues in London’s West End.

The Press Say...

" Much the most stimulating event...responding with lively ideas to an electronic tape of well devised, well paced incident. This was something that kept one listening."
Andrew Porter – ’Leeds’ at the Bath Festival

"...the best piano yet on vinyl,"
The New Musical Express

"...special praise to the virtuoso clarinetist."
The Financial Times

"...on sax, Morgan honks away like Bud Freeman, a great exponent of the art."
The Guardian – Brecon Jazz Festival

"...will leave you wondering why most musicians bother getting out of bed in the morning'
The Hill

" …a solution of considerable ingenuity…..gibbering trumpet…double bass grates hideously…shuddering pizzicato... Around the core players musicians weave a web of atmospheric sound…strange chorales…demonic hissing and spitting.. swirling string arpeggios…the music itself is terrific."
The Guardian – The Angel of the Odd accompanying ’Nosferatu’ at the Royal Geographical society.

‘An extraordinary night out…such an engrossing atmosphere, I hardly want to watch a film any other way…the arrangements and energy simple riveting…all plus excellent sound effects…chattering crowds…steam engines departing…the supreme champion was the barking and growling of Lulu’s dog from Alan Tomlinson’s trombone, end even the sound of lapping whisky! I sat there with eyes wide open all night,"
London Calling – The Angel of the Odd accompanying Pandora’s Box at the Everyman Cinema Hampstead.